Work Experience

Life experience degree campus has a separate program for students, working adults and professionals who are returning to education after a break. This program helps you get a head start by giving you college credit for work experience which can then be utilized to earn associates, bachelors, masters or a PhD degree. This experience can be in any discipline, at any level with no restriction to the duration of time employed. You can easily use this credit towards your journey to earn a work experience degree, while saving a lot of your time, energy and money.

People think that you can only transfer credits between colleges or institutes where they have already studied, yet they fail to realize that they might already have some credits to their name. Whether a student has attended a lecture or not, he may have earned some valuable life experiences which can be easily converted into college credits as well.

Prior Learning Credit For Work Experience

Those students, working adults or professionals who are resuming their education later in life, college credit for work experience can be a great source to earn potential credit. After all, the most effective and efficient way to learn something is by doing it.

But you have to keep this in mind, that it’s not about just having a job, but it’s about what you have learnt in that tenure. You have to provide supporting documents as well which will highlight the theoretical and conceptual knowledge which you gained at work and after you have successfully translated your experience into words, you would be able to get hands on a work experience degree.

Other Sources Of Prior Learning Credit

College credit for work experience degree don’t always have to come directly from the knowledge that you acquired while doing your day to day work. There are some jobs which require their employees to various training as well. These training can be in any form such as formal training, informal training or on job training, which can also be used as a source to acquire college credit for work experience degree. Job training is a major source of learning and acquiring new knowledge, so you don’t need to hesitate to check if your training is eligible for credit or not.

Life experience degree campus also grant college credit for work experience degree to veterans and people connected to the army as well. Veterans who are going back to college or university can get their college credit for the life experience they have in military, and then use this college credit to get hands on a college degree in their preferred domain. You don’t need to get carried away with myths that only college experience can be used to get college credit, there are plenty of other ways to earn college credit as well.

Students, working adults and professionals can make the most out of their return by going for college credits for work experience degree. Through this way they would be able to give a boost to their professional career without wasting any more time, energy or money. So sign up today, and get your career to a whole new level.