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Online education has become a popular alternate to a traditional campus based university. It is true that not every discipline in education can have an online alternate, but most of them do, and they provide superior quality education when compared to their counterparts. It is also true that the students enrolled at an online institute don’t get to face experiences of a campus student, but they reap many benefits in terms of flexibility, affordability and convenience.

The recipients of honorary degree do not necessarily earn their degrees through academic accomplishments, rather because of their life experiences that benefits a nation, humanity or a particular community. There are some institute where you have to apply to earn an honorary degree, while there are some who grant you an honorary doctorate, when you are nominated by a third party. Furthermore, the criteria to award a degree, may differ from university to university, and each university may develop their own rules and regulations for acceptance. However, the candidate does not have to be student or alumni of the awarding institution, though, some institutes prefer their own graduates, but life experience degree campus believe in equality for all, therefore, there is no discrimination while accepting applications. Students who are awarded the honorary doctorate degree are entitled to use the title of “doctor, although they might not have completed a doctoral program.

Convenient Schedule And Financial Savings.

A majority of students who pursue honorary degree are working somewhere as a full time employee, furthermore, they might have a family to take care of it as well. These students have a very tight schedule, and it might not be feasible for them to take out time to commute from a university. To help these students, online education gives them an option to work towards their honorary doctorate from their home, as long as they have access to the internet. Online universities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so the student can learn at his or her own convenience.

When a student pursues his honorary degree from an online institute, he saves money, as online courses cost less than a traditional course, and secondly he doesn’t have to bear any more additional expenses in the form of transportation and lodging. Working adults, who have children would save a lot, as they wouldn’t have to send his kids to a daycare, or hire a babysitter for them. Students would can also get their honorary doctorate right away, if they have proper experience to justify it, which would save a lot of their valuable time as well.

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